Why the Cleverle-Navi?

How to prepare our Childen for there future?

As we dont knew what the future for our kids are, lets trye to do the best for them.

The best - I beleve - is to enable them to make use of there individual potentials.

To make use of potentials they have to be developped - to become compentences.

As every child is different, the process of developpement must be individual.

Give them a start to a lifelong process of self-driven developpement.

To do that conform to the permanent evolutional reality, we need an actual overview of our emerging globalysing world which we want to dominate our self.

As every child is born with curiosity, own-initiative, individual meaning, - finaly as a souveraign personality, we need a possibility, which allows them to find there own way of developpement, wich starts in the early childhood and accompanies them the whole life long.

The goal is, to provide an educational system that guides you to reach anny qualification.

Therefor the Cleverle-Navi is made.

To make full use of it, you have to make a "driving license".

But you can start with few functions, an whwn you got confidence, you will wish to use more and more opportunities.

Trye it out - and have fun with it.

But - dont we have already an educational System which provides all that?

I dont think so - because I found a multidimensional Gap:

The education gap in education systems

The analysis of the classical education system (formal education), and the two areas of non-formal and informal education shows that the systematic promotion of sovereign self-expression is realized by any of the three systems.

The education gap has at least 10 dimensions:
1 No more looking at the entire spectrum of individual potential (hard and soft skills, character)
2 No teaching of fundamentals (Each life area has its specific principles)
3 No sensitivity to individual disposition (just in time)
4 No possibility of sovereign education (Create free and spontaneous synergistic networks)
5 No promotion of self-development of "
creating an individual meaning" (part of the Art of Living)
6 No certification (ePortfolio) of individual competences, since - see 2
7 No systematic use of the skills of civil society
8 No parole in real life entrepreneurial spirit - self-promotion
9 No chaos fitness ability, etc. Example: a shopping mall / center is able to deal with chaos (the clients)
10th Therefore no way to promote individual life art - to become an individual sovereign artist of Life
11th etc.

Can that multidimensional gap be closed by changing the educational system, or do we have to think fundamently different?

Let's discuss about it together.