First official presentation of the Sovereign-Education-idea at the

SCIENCE EXPO 2013   May 24. to 25. at Guebwiller, France

Title of our stand:
Education (or better sovereign self-unfolding  or sovereign individuation?)

We want to discuss
the Sovereign-Education-idea from now on, to arrive at a definition that
serves to sow a seed that gives wonderful fruits, and spreads around the world.

Sovereign Education is the natural process of personality development
from the early childhood.
Sovereigns create synergistic networks around their interests to develop the full range of
own potential
throughout life. In synergistic networks sovereigns get all necessary means
to boost
the development of there own profile: information, materials, partners, etc. ..
This process
begins in the family, continues in close
neighbourhood until it manifests in the
sphere environment.
To organize this process systematically, there is a specific logistics online:
The Cleverle Navi.

The Cleverle Navi is currently at the stage of experience, and is available in German version:

Present on our stand
was:  Felix, one of the "Denzlinger-Cleverle" and
Wolfgang Helmeth, founder of EDEJU