Prof. Anand Kumar came to discuss the new collaboration project between the

Global Studies Programme (GSP) of the University of Freiburg and the EDEJU-Project

on June 15. 2009, Denzlingen/Freiburg Germany





Eva Helmeth, the winner of the GSP 2008


In the background; 6 year old Gungun as a "Cyber-Cleverle"

and her father Dr. Subhash, with their collaborative projects


From theory to practice: Self-made educational self-learning objects

of the EDEJU-Project from the Ivory Coast and the "Denzlinger Cleverle"


Videos of Prof. Anand Kumar:


Comment on the educational system and Alice Project



Résumé of the first meeting at the EDEJU-Institute


Address on the GSP-Festival (not online yet)


Next steps:

Finding GSP-Students, interested on the EDEJU-Project

for the final thesis and / or engagement after studies



Global Studies Programme

Prof. Anand Kumar (1)

Prof. Anand Kumar (2)


Dr. Subhash

EDEJU-Project Ivory Coast (1)

EDEJU-Project Ivory Coast (2)

Denzlinger Cleverle

Alice Project